You Never Know What Lurks In the Texas Surf !!

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This is a site dedicated to fishing the beaches of Texas.

Most people think of "Surf Fishing" as a lazy sport with really long fishing poles sitting in rod holders at the water's edge waiting for something to bite.

That is only one aspect of the sport.

The biggest thrill of surf fishing is that you just never know what you might catch.

The members of this site enjoy all types of fishing the surf. Sometimes that is using the well known long rods, but in the right conditions we wade the surf catching speckled-trout and redfish or fish out of our kayaks out "Beyond the Breakers".

Then,there is shark fishing. That is when we target large sharks. If you've never experienced shark fishing, you owe it to yourself to see it in person.

The members of this site are true sportsmen.The only fish we keep are for consumption or bait. We respect the resource that we have and always work to preserve it for future generations. Most of us participate in tagging programs to aid in the study and preservation of the sharks we catch.

Whether you are a beginner, a seasoned veteran,or just want to fish the surf part-time. We hope this site provides all the info you need to help you enjoy surf fishing as much as we do.